The Ungraded Piece
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At my very first drawing class, this kind of old hanging light was one of the objects which all students had to go through. We sat in circle surrounding the object in the studio and concentrated on darkening the paper. It is still funny to remember the odd studio lightings, the freaky shadows and the puzzled faces. Frankly, it was a boring class. I used more than six hours to complete that assignment and the result was just so-so.

I finished this drawing in less than two hours. I don't need and don't even bother to know what grade I could get now. It's my work, it's my rules.

The Abandoned Bricks
Hash tag: art, old, abandon

There are lots of brick-laying constructions in this town. Some of them have been neglected for a long time. It's easy to tell the age of them from their deteriorated surface. I am a big fan of constructions using raw bricks (without any painting on its surface). This may be attributed to my first contact with them during my college time. They fill this town with an unspeakable character especially when their colours and pattern mix with long unattended weeds.

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I am sort of craving for drawing again these days. Yes, I do draw sketches related to my works from time to time but what I mean is the kind of serious drawing. I feel like entering into a state of ecstasy in the process of completing a piece of work. It is far exceeding the state of having accomplished a satisfactory photo shot. The direct human touch on the media reflects my vibes at a certain moment. Each vitality of the strokes could be different depends on that second of my state of mind.

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One dawn with a rising sun in Toowoomba



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What will you do if you have any data which will never be updated? I guess you will archive them in storage media such as CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs. ROM is the abbreviation of "Read Only Memory" which means such memories cannot be written again. They have reached their dead end. You can recall them for your remembrance but you can never do anything to amend or carry forward their life. I have a lot of these ROMs dated back to my childhood and adolescence. Some of them I cherish and wish time could fly back so I could rewrite the endings, the others I would prefer them never to have happened. However wishful I am, they are already in the pool of the ROMs. They can never be altered.

The Hardest Winter
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The dry and cold weather is always on the top of people's chat list in this winter. This is the hardest season ever since I inhabited in this town. With the effect of the wind chill factor, the day time temperature could be like below zero. I was told that this was the coldest July since the 19th century. Together with the short day light hours, a sluggish atmosphere masks everywhere. My mood bears the direct impact. Some of my plants are dying but I can do nothing. Looking at the calendar, there are still two months to go before spring time. I have got to do something to cheer myself up.

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My eyes were open but not focused. Cough had tortured me for over a week. Those lonely long sleepless nights had driven me crazy. For supporting me to combat the virus, you had quietly put yourself in a caring but not interrupting position. This was a stressful addition to your busy career. I knew all about this, but sorry, I was too weak to care for anything, including you, including my responsibilities.

Now you have got infected too. Our positions have been exchanged. The positive side is I know more than anyone else to take care of you. I know exactly what you feel and when to relieve you at your most difficult time. Don't worry, just take a good rest. Take your time; you will be fine very soon.

There are always old sayings about this but as a freshly recovered patient; I have the first hand feeling. Without illness, I won't notice that my healthy life is a blessing. I would just take my healthy body for granted everyday. Only sickness reminds me of how vulnerable I am and how important the people who are caring me.

I have got involved in my responsibilities again. Not long, my freshly recovered feeling would be fading. My mind would be focused again on my daily life issues. But until then, I have to remind myself and it could be shared with you too:

Seize every healthy day!

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