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Our neighbour has moved out. The house next door is vacant again. I have forgotten how many generations there have been, probably more than four. Looking out through our window to the emptied backyard nearby, I sense the loneliness. People come and go fulfilling their assigned tasks on earth contrasting our pause in this dimension. Without a trace, it has come to the ninth year since we have settled here.

We did have a seachange eight years ago but after then, I seem to be content with the present and avoid risks. I asked Wing if we were too cowardly for changes anymore or this day hadn't come yet. Or ... am I too old for new challenges?

Yeah, perhaps age is a problem. I had decisively moved towards my dreams with no worries as if life itself would take care of me in its own course. But now, I will only move my foot one step further unless I feel the concrete underneath is firm and stable. I do have my plans but I will only implement them when everything is secured. I don't know if it would be too late for another change to come. I just don't have the guts to face the uncertainty in this age of my life.

Meaning of this day
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Many years ago, when I was struggling in the bustling dimension, the meaning of this day was a day with a special excuse for the people around me getting together to build up relationship. This personal day became one of the social occasions for them except that lip-service greetings to me were all around.

The meaning of this day to me is a measurement of my hanging around with pride of the experience accumulated yet vulnerable getting to understand the course of birth and death. I prefer this day to be calm and peace with minimum human contacts, just quiet enough for me to contemplate the past and the future. Now I'm grateful that I can spend this day in accordance with my wishes without caring to respond to other people's superficial kindness.

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How to resolve tension
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Tension is originated from connection and attachment between two parties. Letting go from a single side doesn't help much to resolve the problem. The resolution of it must be achieved by reducing expectations to each other from both sides.

Nevertheless, there is a tip for those tension makers who are thinking of demolishing tension only by themselves without involving the second party. In order to use this tip, you have to be sure:

1. You don't care how much your attachments mean to you
2. You can spoil a relationship anytime without a second thought

If you answer "yes" to both of the questions above, here is the tip for you:

1. Increase the tense power until the attachment and connection cannot hold anymore
2. The bonds will then be violently broken and in a fraction of a second, the tension will entirely vanish
3. As the bonds are broken, attachment and connection no longer exist

Here you go, there won't be any tension left, nor love and care.

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The Same Sky
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We all live under the same sky but why there are always people who are less fortunate than the others? I ask myself: What have they done wrong? Are they born to be bad so they have to face punishments? Don't give me a human judgment with a religious answer for these questions. What I really see is the unfairness in my eyes, which is so impotent. Yes, I always know that life is vulnerable. I don't need any more proof for this. That's enough.

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