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the same sky, a different world .... feeling solitary ....

~ Wing

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A Monster
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There is a couple who were both hardworking, having devoted their entire golden age to build up their family. The husband was just an ordinary worker eking out a living. On the contrary, the wife had earned much more so she saved a lot for their retirement. While the wife was very busy with her career, the responsibility of taking care the family fell on the husband until their kids had all grown up and lived independently.

Now they both retired. But there is always something left in the wife's mind. She thought that the husband could now have a decent retirement merely because of her ability. In her eyes, the man is incapable of securing her life. She is the only contributor to the family. With the thought that she owes all the savings, she controls all the wealth. The husband has to be a dependant waiting for allotment.

One day, a young man asks him why he can put up with such an unfair situation. After all, he has devoted his entire life to the family. He gently replies, "Contribution to a family does not matter how much money you have saved or earned. It matters how much care, love, and tolerance you have put on your family, especially on your partner. In the end, she is the only possession you left walking the rest of your life with you."

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Just a break from obligations



For Sale
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Wing and I are wandering around. We have accustomed to this kind of exploration. There are always something new in this small town which we haven't encountered before. We happen to pass this old Russell Street. There was a book shop in one of the heritage buildings along the street. The upstairs of this book shop was a cafe which I used to stay, writing letters to my friends or reading some books during my old overseas studies. Now this site has been renovated as a computer shop. The aromas of paper, timber and caffeine are now replaced with the smell of icy metals and plastics. Not far away, the secondhand TV shop is emptied. In fact, it has been abandoned since we settled down here seven years ago. All the old TV cubes are gone. Outside the display window, the big timber board writes: "Any offer is considered now". This tells us that its charm for buyers is limited. We look inside through the window. The big skylight and the rectangular shape arouse our interest. The skylight fills up almost two-third of the high ceiling in the middle leaving a thick border around it and brightens up the whole room with the natural resources. Wing and I are touched by these characters and discover the potential of it to be a gallery or a headquarter for our creations. We even come up with ideas of having a coffee corner serving our patrons with passions on art and design. Our dream is inflating until it is blown up by the reality of the basic profit and loss mathematics.

We all have dreams but they will split us into two different kinds of people when we end up talking about risking secure life to pursue them. One would determinedly give up everything he owes to fulfill what he believes. And the other would try to make it a balance with achieving both and he turns out doing nothing. I admire the former but, you may say I'm a coward, I'm the latter.

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FLASH BACK: 2008-06-23
The Mid Winter's Blossoms
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This winter is going well so far. At least, unlike last year, my health can still stand for it. We are now under the short daylight season. I have to admit that I am not in the mood to do anything, let alone making any serious shots.

This is a quick shot at my work place. It's good to see the sun and the blossoms showing their faces this winter.

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