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Don't say that I haven't bought you any gift these years, I have already given you the most precious of mine - myself. Alright, in this special day, I additonally brought you a flower from our garden. Hey, I'm not stingy, it's unique! I put an effect on it to make it special. See the difference, didn't you?

The epilogue of winter
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I know you prepared to pay for the job when you approached my business. But I really felt happy to help without asking for any return; even you were just a stranger to me.

I trust my instinct. Somehow it guides my every move. My instinct told me that I admired your ambition and courage in doing what you love regardless of cost and effect, efforts and returns.

So don't thank me. I just help myself to ease my empty soul with a minor support to other's ambitions, despite the fact that I don't have the guts to fulfill mine.

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The Gate
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Coz We Care
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This site has been a sub-domain to my business website "Coffee or Tea Creation" for a long time. And now it has grown up with its unique character and assets. Wing and I have noticed that it's time to give it an independent life.

"Coffee or Tea" is all about choice. As an extension of this concept, we name this site "Coz We Care". Choice and care have been the attitude and motto of our existence in the world. Without this foundation, everything is just empty-hearted.

Coz we care, we look at things differently.
Coz we care, we don't blindly take the mainstream value as our own.
Coz we care, we open our heart to embrace nature and life.

"Coz we care", today you start your own journey.

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For Sale
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Wing and I are wandering around. We have accustomed to this kind of exploration. There are always something new in this small town which we haven't encountered before. We happen to pass this old Russell Street. There was a book shop in one of the heritage buildings along the street. The upstairs of this book shop was a cafe which I used to stay, writing letters to my friends or reading some books during my old overseas studies. Now this site has been renovated as a computer shop. The aromas of paper, timber and caffeine are now replaced with the smell of icy metals and plastics. Not far away, the secondhand TV shop is emptied. In fact, it has been abandoned since we settled down here seven years ago. All the old TV cubes are gone. Outside the display window, the big timber board writes: "Any offer is considered now". This tells us that its charm for buyers is limited. We look inside through the window. The big skylight and the rectangular shape arouse our interest. The skylight fills up almost two-third of the high ceiling in the middle leaving a thick border around it and brightens up the whole room with the natural resources. Wing and I are touched by these characters and discover the potential of it to be a gallery or a headquarter for our creations. We even come up with ideas of having a coffee corner serving our patrons with passions on art and design. Our dream is inflating until it is blown up by the reality of the basic profit and loss mathematics.

We all have dreams but they will split us into two different kinds of people when we end up talking about risking secure life to pursue them. One would determinedly give up everything he owes to fulfill what he believes. And the other would try to make it a balance with achieving both and he turns out doing nothing. I admire the former but, you may say I'm a coward, I'm the latter.

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